Where will the state line be?


If HR0101 were to pass, the new state line would be the city limits of Chicago.

New Illinois would prefer something a little different than what HR0101 is proposing. Instead of “kicking Chicago out of Illinois” to become the 51st state, we’d like to kick ourselves out! We want a new start with a new state and a new constitution.

It may seem like a “distinction without a difference,” because Chicago would not be eligible to be a part of New Illinois. (New Illinois is addressing the urban vs. rural, small town and suburban divide.) The new state would consist of the areas (counties, townships, towns) that wanted to be part of it. Old Illinois would include Chicago and whatever areas wanted to maintain the status quo. This would probably include much of Cook County. However, many people on the fringes of Cook County want out.

In the end, there would be a negotiation process between New Illinois, Old Illinois and the federal government to determine the exact location of the state line. We would like to see all of the other 101 counties join New Illinois. Our hope and expectation are that the state line would reflect the will of the people.