New Illinois Meeting - July 20 - Mt Vernon

Mount Vernon

The crowd at Mt Vernon was so large we conducted a 2nd meeting.  Standing room in the back and on the sides was full in both sessions.

  • G. H. Merritt gave her New Illinois - A Plan for Splitting the State of Illinois informational presentation. Recruiting volunteers who will create new county committees is the current phase of the plan.
  • Rep. Brad Halbrook, principal sponsor of HR101, discussed the several movements for a 51st state separate from Chicago; emphasizing that several legitimate groups compliment each other.  Brad also cautioned to be wary, since groups with similar names are here and their objectives are not aligned with ours. 
  • Matt Sebastian of Southern Illinois Secession Movement also spoke, emphasizing that his grass-roots movement is gaining momentum because of the failure of the government of Illinois.


We continue to ask that enthusiasts come to this website and click on "Get Involved."

Restore Our Constitution - April 23 - Decatur

Restore Our Constitution

G.H. Merritt chairman of New Illinois, Inc. will present a slideshow about New Illinois and answer your questions about New Illinois. Representative Brad Halbrook, Representative Darren Bailey and Representative Chris Miller will be speaking about HR0101 legislation and answer all your questions at our April meeting about NEW ILLINOIS.

Event Details


IGOLD - March 27 - Springfield

New Illinois was well received at the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.  Sponsored by the Illinois State Rifle Association, the 2nd Ammemdment rally on the steps of the State Capitol included comments by a number of Senators and Representatives.  When Rep. Brad Halbrook asked the crowd of over 2000 "Who wants to separate from Chicago?" the crowd cheered.

Rep. Halbrook asked the crowd to text NEWILL to 555888, and hundreds did.


Statewide Meeting - March 9 - Dekalb


Our 2nd organizational meeting was conducted in Dekalb with a good crowd.  The meeting provided interested citizens with the background for the initiative to create a new state.  Speakers included James Marter, Rep. Brad Halbrook and Paul Preston, the founder of New California State.

Townhall Meeting - March 10 - Effingham


New Illinois State was well received in a Townhall Meeing in Effingham. 

Effingham Town Hall

According to Illinois Review:

"Over 1500 like-minded downstate Illinoisans filled to overflowing the Effingham Performance Center to hear the latest about how Chicago Leftists in the State Capitol are ramming through radical gun control and abortion policies, forcing public school children to study historic figures based on their sexual orientation, and taking money out of their wallets while stealing basic Constitutional rights.

The frustration and resentment of Chicago political powers forcing their Leftist worldview on voters that supported Donald Trump in 2016 was palpable among the 1500 gathered as speaker after speaker tackled the issues."

"State Rep. Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville) asked the crowd midway into the program, "Who wants to separate from Chicago and Cook County?" The crowd stood and cheered in response."

See the full article:  Rep. Halbrook: Who wants to separate from Chicago?

See a 5 minute video: Who wants to separate from Chicago?YouTube 

Rep. Brad Halbrook Introduces Legislation to Split Illinois

Brad Halbrook

HR101 - Chicago 51st State concludes: "RESOLVED, BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDRED FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the United States Congress to take action to declare the City of Chicago the 51st state of the United States of America and separate it from the rest of Illinois; .."

See the full Illinois Review article: State rep calls for Chicago to be 51st State

See the status of the resolution:  HR101 - Chicago 51st State

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